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Refugees mobilization as multi business projects  for the government of illegitimate President Kiir.

Article by Former lecturer at Juba university

I really wonder why the government of Juba used to send their politicians into neighbouring countries for the purpose of mobilizing the refugees whom they have displaced and tortured intentionally and why  their plans are to get people by means of using bribery to return home  instead?
In my point of views,  the very Government had missed what they supposed
to do as follows:
1.  they have to rethink so as to restore 2016 peace agreement, it is the only solution to attract ordinary citizens by stopping random
killing and torturing of innocent people
2.  They should allow to repatriate UNMISS refugees to their counties
of origins so as to be good examples to the rest of the refugees in
foreign countries
3.  They should stop offensive operations which is targeting the  civilians and their properties.
4.  First and foremost,  they have to embrace the revitalization of the peace process as a only mean to bring final solution to their failed government

5.  They have to call upon Dr Machar to fully participate in the revitalization peace process since Machar is the only important political figure as solution to bring a comprehensive peace to South
Sudanese at large.
6. To stop  purchasing heavy artilleries that are used to against  innocent civilians, this would only increasethe sufferings of the people.
7. They have to improve their economic crises happened in the country instead of using oil money for bribing innocent civilians to return homes.
8.  To encourage the free movement of humanitarian organizations to the needy population
9. To mitigate the ongoing famine  that has caused more death to their Internal Displaced Peoples (IDPs)
For that reason,  it  wouldn,t  happen and will be too difficult to mobilize the refugees by using money as mean to attract them so as to return home instead of addressing the root causes of the problem
which forced  them to refugee and other various locations.

But  it is very clear that those government politicians are creating those impossible projects in order for them to  survive in the names of refugees mobilization.
In my own perception, the government encouraged those projects as only
tools to loot the resources of the country in which somw individual becomes the key players in this business to generate their personal income beside their irregular salary payment since government failed
to pay salaries for almost eight months.
How do you think the families of employees who didn’t  receive their salaries for almost those months would survive? This is a total indication of fail state. Because of this, those crook politicians
endef up designing  crook projects to benefit their family members  in the foreign countries.

However, the politicians who are poor in creating such  projects, ended up sending their families members into refugees camps, because they are not able to pay their daily feedings, house rents and school fees of their children both in Juba and in abroad.
 How could one enjoy such a difficult survival while he/she is employed by government in Juba? this is total madness, because there is no difference between UN refugees and government employees.
In this circumstances, it forced many government servants to rebel and join the freedom fighter under the wise leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny -Dhurgon, “the Father of the Peace.

More over, why Nuer politicians want their brothers whom they have
betrayed, killed, displaced and sold out with money to return home, yet  they (politicians) are  still under protection of killers (the Mathiang Anyor) Will the Nuer accept to be sold out again in the second time by the very politicians who sold them at the first place
in Juba?

I believe that those hand to mouth projects of the politicians will never bear fruits.
How comes the refugee would accept the same government who massacred their famillies and raped their daughters?  I believed that
my people have written books about those confused individuals who only believed their evil money power in which they have forgotten the
power of people who let South Sudan to be independent through  their votes during referendum in 2011.
Lastly, we all voted to be independent Nation for our own freedom which we all  enjoyed as a people. Yet the nation now is corrupted by bad governance of Illegitimate President Salva Kiir with his loyalists
who used the resources of the country for their personal motive gains by creating unnecessary projects.
 This is why the country becomes failed State due to mentioned points which is now facing  the  civil population while the very government still encourages multi projects to be used as bribery to benefit the

 It is as follows:
• Lack of opportunities that individuals respectively enjoy to utilize economic resources for purpose of consumption.
• Insufficience access to education and health that would confluence individual’s substantive freedom to lives better.
• Lack of granted protective  security  for better living.
• Absence of  political freedom for all parties and civil population Rights
The absences of those mentioned essential needs, forced some government officials to join private companies , organizations and many decided to leave their duties to camps due to an irregular salary
payment . then where is survival which can sustain people  to see their government as government of people for people by people. 

The government of  Juba becomes government of no people and see his people as attractive projects for big fishes consumptions.
For your sincerely advises,  You better not to waste times in order to
run after the killer projects which will  there after  turn to be curses to you and your  family members .Please just believe the power of people as tools to democratic system to South Sudan.

Finally, I am hereby urging all South Sudanese leaders to  join the movement of people  for people by people, under the Father of Peace H.E Dr.Machar,  instead to believe the evil power of money of
failed government of Salva Kiir. If people Will forgive You, then history will not forget your deeds, unless you work for that history at the meantimes before it is too late.
Peace be with you all
Viva Dr Riek Machar Teny- Dhurgon ,the Father of  Peace Maker and the
Father of Democratic System
Viva IO, Freedom fighter.
Viva  Nuer Communities
Viva Other South Sudanese Communities
Viva Refugees in various camps
Viva power of people.

By  Ustaz  Pal Yiech Lam
Former Lecturer in University of Juba,
College  of Community Studies and Rural Development
And Now in Pagak HQ Side, South Sudan

Important notes:
• The writer doesn’t means to attack any your  personalities but to
quote  what he thinks as the reality in South Sudan politics.
• The writer need your logical arguments  when you want to comments
• The readers Will not bother on  grammatical errors and flow of Ideas
,the writer is now on  busy situations  in Pagak