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UN wants to begin repatriation of refugees in kakuma back to their host countries; source says in kakuma-Kenya.

By Nhial Bol Khor

(Wangdunkonmedia) ——Foremost and for all, I would like to inform the world at large. That, UN in Kenya wants to repatriate back all Refugees to their host countries, including South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo and Somalia as well.

This is a very wrong decision, that, have taken by UN and Kenyan Authority, who want, to repatriate South Sudan’s Refugees back home, to warzone South Sudan, of which, the UN and Kenyan authority, shall begin the process of repatriation registration on 10-Nov-2017 in kakuma refugees Camp, the Turkana District of which it hosting Hundreds and thousands of refugees,

Initially, IDPs from South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo, Somalia and etc.

In accordance, to 1951 Geneva Convention, a refugee should not be force to leave the country against his/her will. This  is not the right time for the UN to return back the refugees to their respective host countries, meanwhile, the war still continuing around the all part of the country initially, (South Sudan).

Therefore. It could be better for the UN, maybe to relocate the refugees to other place within Kenya or particularly another neighboring country. If, Kenya governments fail to pay good care of innocent refugees.

However, if the cause, is lack of food ratios, then, the question is that, why, UN isn’t solves South Sudan’s problem + other countries problems. Whenever, If, there’s a peace available to every countries then, the number of refugees could get reduced because, nobody likes to stay in exile rather than to live in his/her own countries, but because of war then, they were forces to live in exile.

Furthermore, I’m suggesting that any media activists from South Sudan or elsewhere, in any countries particularly among the above mentioned, would have to write a petition to UN, of why, the UN wanting to repatriate back the refugees to Burning fire, (war-zone).

Therefore, what’s good in South Sudan, for the UN to repatriate back the innocent IDPs, who ran to neighboring countries for the sake of their safety, hence, up to date, the refugees yet still leaving the country daily, because of imminent attack. Like, killing, rapping looting their properties by their own government.

In my conclusion, South Sudan is a Danger place and it’s not safe for the people to lives in, and it would be better, if, the UN would have to relocate, the Refugees within other place in Kenya or Transport them to other neighboring countries like Ethiopia or Uganda as well.
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